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About the challenge: Hero Karizma ZMR Wanderers is a progressing month to month online challenge facilitated on Autocar India and Hero MotoCorp’s Facebook pages. All members are made a request to answer some extremely straightforward inquiries and toward the finish of the challenge each month, three champs are picked. These fortunate bicycle devotees win an all-costs paid two evenings three days ride on three Hero Karizma ZMRs. Rides are arranged well ahead of time and cover a few lovely areas the nation over. Those intrigued by taking an interest can participate in the challenge on Autocar India or Hero MotoCorp’s Facebook page. The challenge and rides are sorted out and directed via Autocar India.

For the first of 12 rides the nation over, Deven Jaggi from Mumbai, Venkata Teja Tadikamalla from Hyderabad and Vinay Dargan from Dehradun commenced from Mumbai on December 10, riding three pristine Hero Karizma ZMRs, affability Hero MotoCorp, for the wonderful slope station of Mahabaleshwar. Twisty slope streets, capable motorbikes and the cool, fresh December air all met up to give the riders the experience of a lifetime.

The three champs, with ride pioneer Autocar’s Vir Nakai, first taking off of the city towards Panvel. The streets, or what’s left of them, joined with movement and street expansions that were under development, put all riders and bicycles under a magnifying glass. Venkata, one of our champs, said that the bicycles performed truly well. He said the colossal dealing with, enough hold, considerable power and greatly relentless and agreeable ride surpassed his desires and made for a brilliant ordeal.

Gratefully, the streets weren’t all terrible. Post Vadkhal Naka, the street continuously enhanced till Poladpur. And afterward, the forty kilometers up Ambenali ghat to Mahabaleshwar were totally splendid. This excellent lace of tar winding up the mountains ended up being the most grand piece of the ride. Here the riders found the ideal place to take a chai break, kick back and simply appreciate the view.

The visual experience didn’t end there. As the riders got nearer to Mahabaleshwar, they got themselves flanked by thick wildernesses and even recognized some low flying mists. Around six hours after they set off, the Wanderers landed at Mahabaleshwar. Be that as it may, this gathering wasn’t one for lounging around or acting all touristy. These folks were not kidding bicycle fans and needed to invest as meager energy as conceivable off their seats. Along these lines, with the goal of riding as much as was conceivable, they made a beeline for a little town summoned Tapola around 25km from Mahabaleshwar. This little town is made uncommon by its area. It’s set comfortable intersection of waterways Solshi and Koyna. Add to that the inadequate activity out and about here and that it’s for the most part smooth, made the ride here appropriately pleasant. Our Wanderers, however, were totally overwhelmed by the conjunction. A thin portion of land that sticks out has the two streams streaming in from either side and focalizing directly before it. The sight had them awestruck for a long while.

Subsequent to lifting their jaws up off the floor, they made a beeline for spend the night at Mahabaleshwar. The following morning, the Karizma ZMR caravan took off to another awesome area, Murud Janjira Fort. The street they utilized, the NH17, was similarly astonishing. Our riders were energized and the bicycles reacted flawlessly. They encountered around 50km of unadulterated euphoria. That they landed at the post around nightfall just added to their delight.

At the point when Venkata discovered that they were remaining at a shoreline resort, he was over the moon. He said

that he had never remained at the shoreline. The following morning, Venkata and whatever is left of the folks

got out early so they could ride on the shoreline itself. They at that point made a beeline for Kashid shoreline, Alibaug lastly advanced back to Mumbai to finish up the ride at Ishna Motors in Andheri East. Genuine Wanderers, they just couldn’t get enough.

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