Okinawa Ridge

Okinawa Autotech Pvt Ltd. an electric bike maker propelled its Ridge E-Scooter in India at a cost of ₹ 43,702 (Ex-showroom, Delhi). This is the principal ever item from Okinawa, which began its business operations in 2015. The bike gets a 800 watt electric engine, which can move it to a greatest speed of 55 kmph and permit a scope of 80-90km. The Ridge comes fitted with amalgam wheels, tubeless tires and drum brakes. In advance it gets adjustable suspension and a completely computerized speedometer.

It has the ability to convey a heap of up to 150kg. A slight downside is that with a most extreme speed of more than 40 kmph, the Okinawa Ridge should be enlisted and protected like some other petroleum controlled bike. Right now, the organization has accomplished around 65-70 for every penny localisation in the assembling of the Okinawa Ridge.

The organization intends to contribute around $40 Million throughout the following three years with a specific end goal to extend its operations the nation over. The organization works 24 dealerships by and by and plans to open 450 dealerships the nation over in a staged way finished the following three years. At exhibit, Okinawa Autotech has an office in Bhiwadi, where it can deliver 90,000 units every year with a solitary move working in a day.

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