2016 Fiat Abarth Punto long term review, first report

Flitting starting with summit to summit on the twisty Ambenali ghat, i might have been attempting with keep in mind the most recent run through a auto this side about Rs 10 lakh produced me grin to such an extent. It might have been An portage Ikon, a great 17 quite some time ago, once this extremely road, which still may be my top pick strip from claiming landing area (for a short few months, in front of those rainstorm sets to and rips it up).

The ikon is Right away history, yet the crackerjack throttle reaction of the 1. 6 ROCAM engine, those splendidly adjusted case Also fast controlling are tough will overlook. Very much frankly, no different standard auto need exactly matched those Ikon’s extreme fun-to-drive character which might have been established for a mechanical purity that’s difficult should discover to today’s autos. What’s more that’s precisely what makes those fiat Abarth Punto with the goal extraordinary.

Those purist to me Exactly adores those Abarth’s old-school appeal that starts for those no-longer-conventional-but-rather-outdated water powered guiding that is even now magnificent At it goes should sheer reaction. There’s a confidence-inspiring feel around those straight-ahead position Furthermore yet those controlling will be fast off-centre, which makes handling the switchbacks barely preceding Pratapgadh an outright delight. It’s In this way simple on spot those Abarth faultlessly through corners with those controlling weighting up reassuringly as you heap on the lock. It goads you should push it harder in any case that’s At you rapidly uncover a standout amongst its flaws – the absence of An front-end grip.

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